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Canon IR6000
Type Console
Maximum Original Size A3
Copy Sizes Cassette 1, 2: A4
  Cassette 3, 4: A3 to A5R, Free size (139.7 x 182 to 297 x 487.7)
  Stack Bypass: A3 to A5R, Free size (100 x 148 to 297 x 487.7)
Resolution Reading: 600dpi x 600dpi, Copying: 1200dpi x 1200dpi
  Printing: 1200dpi x 1200dpi, 256 Gradations
Copy/Print Speed A4: 55 ppm (iR-ADV 6055/i), 65 ppm (iR-ADV 6065/i),
  75 ppm (iR-ADV 6075/i), A3: 32 ppm (iR-ADV 6055/i),
  32 ppm (iR-ADV 6065/i), 37 ppm (iR-ADV 6075/i)
Enlargement/ Reduction Zoom: 25 - 400%
  Fixed: Zoom Ratio 25%, 50%, 70%, 100%, 141%, 200%, 400%
First copy time 3.3 seconds (iR-ADV 6055/i, iR-ADV 6065/i),
  3.1 seconds (iR-ADV 6075/i)
Warm-Up Time 38 seconds or less
Multiple Copies/Prints 1 to 9999 sheets
Duplexing Standard Automatic
Paper weight Cassettes: 52 to 220gsm, Stack Bypass: 52 to 256gsm
  Duplex: 52 to 220gsm
Paper Capacity Standard: 1,500 sheets x 2 Cassettes (3,000 sheets),
  550 sheets x 2 Cassettes (1,100 sheets) Stack Bypass: 100 sheets,
  Optional: Side Paper Deck: 3,500 sheets, Max paper capacity: 7,700 sheets
Processor speed 1.2GHz
Memory 1.5GB (optional 512MB available)
Hard Disk Drive Standard 80GB, Expandable up to 250GB
Display 8.4” TFT SVGA Colour Touchscreen,
  Optional 10.4” TFT SVGA Colour Touchscreen
Interface Ethernet (1000BaseT/100Base-TX/10Base-T),
  Wireless LAN(IEEE802.11b/g (Optional), USB2.0
Network Protocols TCP/IP* (LPD/ Port 9100/ WSD/ IPP/ IPPS/ SMB/ FTP),
  IPX/ SPX (NDS, Bindery), AppleTalk, *IPv4/IPv6 support
Power Supply 220-240V,10A 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 2.2 kW Max.
Dimensions (W x D x H) 645mm x 770mm x 1220mm
Installation space (W x D) 942mm x 1289mm
Weight Approx. 235kg
Page Description Language(s) UFRII (Standard on all models), PCL5e/6: (Standard for i models,
  Optional for non i-models with Canon PCL Printer Kit-AJ1), Adobe
  PostScript 3 (Optional on all models with Canon PS Printer Kit-AJ1)
Resolution 1200dpi x 1200dpi, 600dpi x 600dpi
Fonts PCL fonts: 93 Roman, 10 Bitmap, 2 OCR, PS fonts: 136 Roman
Supported Operating Systems UFRII: Windows 2000/ XP/ Server 2003/ Vista/ Server 2008/
  Windows 7/ Server 2008 R2, MAC OS X (10.4.9 or later)
  PCL: Windows 2000/ XP/ Server 2003/ Vista/ Server 2008
  / Windows 7/ Server 2008 R2
  PS: Windows 2000/ XP/ Server 2003/ Vista/ Server 2008/ Windows 7/ Server
  2008 R2, MAC OS X (10.4.9 or later)
  MAC-PPD: MAC OS 9.1 or later, MAC OS X (10.2.8 or later)
Name imagePASS-U1 (Optional)
Page Description Language(s) Adobe PostScript 3, PCL6 / PCL5e
Resolution 1200dpi x 1200dpi, 600dpi x 600dpi,
Memory 2GB
Hard Disk 80GB
CPU Intel Core Duo T2500, 2.0GHz
Fonts PS: 136 Adobe PS Fonts, PCL: 113 PCL Fonts
Supported Operating Systems Windows 2000 (Printer driver only)/ XP(SP3)/Server 2003
  (SP2)/ Server 2008(SP2)/ Vista(SP2)/ Vista SP1/ Windows 7
  (Printer driver only), MAC OS (10.4 or later)
Interface Ethernet (1000Base-T/100Base-TX/10Base-T), USB, D-sub
  15-pin connector
Network Protocol TCP/IP (LPD/ Port 9100/ IPP/ SMB/ FTP), ATP/ DDP(AppleTalk)
Optional/Standard Requires optional Duplex Colour Image Reader Unit-C1
Scan Speed Scan (Single side): A4 120 ipm 300dpi (BW),
  85 ipm 300dpi (Colour), Scan (Double side): A4 200 ipm
  300dpi (BW), 100 ipm 300dpi (Colour)
Scan Resolution 100dpi, 150dpi, 200 x 100dpi, 200dpi, 200 x 400dpi, 300dpi,
  400dpi, 600dpi (600dpi colour scanning requires optional
  Memory Type B - 512MB)
Pull Scan Via Network TWAIN Driver (75 to 600 dpi Black & White and
  Colour) Pull Scan Supported OS: Windows 2000/ Windows XP/
  Windows Server 2003/ Windows Vista/ Windows Server 2008/
  Windows 7, (32 bit, 64 bit in compatibility mode)
Optional/Standard Requires optional Duplex Colour Image Reader Unit-C1
Destinations E-Mail/ Internet FAX (SMTP), PC (SMB, FTP), WebDAV
Address book LDAP, Local (Max.1800)
File Format TIFF, JPEG, PDF, XPS, High compression PDF/XPS, PDF/A-1b,
  Optimize PDF for Web
Universal Send Feature Sets: Universal Send Advanced Feature Set-E1 (option): Outline PDF
  (Trace & Smooth), Searchable PDF/XPS, Reader Extensions PDF
  Universal Send Security Feature Set-D1 (option): Encrypted PDF,
  Device Signature PDF/XPS, Universal Send Digital User Signature
  Kit-C1 (option): User Signature PDF/XPS